A Bit of Background

   Balancing sweet and sexy, smart and sassy, Genevieve is an all-round entertainer, a charismatic and unique talent who has been wowing audiences as a singer/songwriter since first taking the stage at 6 years old. 

It's possible to categorize her as an adult-contemporary artist because of the depth and sentiment of her lyrics, but her music really spans multiple genres, incorporating elements from folk traditions to blues and jazz nuance to pop hookiness. And, with a voice blessed with impressive dynamics and range, she has the ability to shift seamlessly between sultry and Scotch-soaked chanteuse to pure Disney princess in a matter of notes. It's not surprising that her music and her voice have found homes in a variety of mediums, from tv/film and commercials to video games and educational programs.

After several years in the biz, she felt burnout fast approaching, so she took a sharp left and disappeared into the South African bush, using her other skills as a writer and photographer to pursue another passion in life: wildlife conservation. For several years, she ran around after animals, documenting them for local and international NGOs and managing to not get eaten by anything (though she did get bitten by a cheetah). And whlle she did maintain a tether to the musical world through a connection with a producer in Cape Town who would call her in for session work on the rare times she WAS in civilization, she still felt a musical void. Cape Town did provide her the opportunity to sing a Zulu lullaby for a Pampers commercial, though, so that's something.

However, due to her limited time around technology, musical opportunities were few and far between. Most days, her audience consisted of little more than meerkats, lions, and rhinos. At one point, she even taught music classes once a week to children on one of the reserves she worked on, few of whom spoke any English, which was possibly more challenging than not getting eaten by a lion. It was all good for a story, but not for a career.  The musical beast was starving and needed feeding, which meant stepping out of the wilds of Africa and back into the, well, wilds of music. 

    She never stopped playing and writing while in South Africa, so now she is armed with an arsenal of new songs at the ready.  Keep an eye on the horizon (or, better yet, on this site) - her beat-up Land Cruiser may soon be chugging into your town. 


Where It All Began

Genevieve began in music much like other musicians begin – music chose her. As a baby, she would literally wake up singing, her family tracking her down by following her voice. At age six, she taught herself to play the piano, and before reaching her teenage years, she had also mastered the clarinet, recorder, and drums. She had an amazing ability to remember music – particularly from films – and would sit at the piano for hours, alternating between recreating what she’d heard and creating her own soundtracks. Always a gifted writer, she didn't take very long to begin putting words to the music. By 8th grade, she'd even co-written a musical. 

The youngest child, Genevieve found her musical tastes were heavily influenced by her siblings and her surroundings. Growing up listening to everything from AC/DC to Air Supply to The Beastie Boys to Led Zeppelin to Dolly Parton to Whitney Houston, she learned to appreciate music for what it was, not who it was. As a result, her approach to songwriting focuses less on genre and more on songs as individual stories, each with its own past, present, and future (and corresponding orchestration). In her world, it isn't unusual to find a country-tinged acoustic folk song next to a sexy New Orleans-jazz-infused romp next to a melodic Disney-esque ballad. And her stunning, versatile voice – an elegant instrument itself - ties everything together and makes sense of it all.

In the same way that Florence and the Machine, Imogen Heap, Sylvan Esso, and Peter Gabriel bring in world elements and intelligent lyrics to acoustic palettes, Genevieve is always trying new sounds and ways of stringing words together to create not just songs, but a full sensory experience: each tune a mini-movie, complete with arc, character, tone, and dialogue.

Packed with beauty, intelligence, pathos, heart, sass, and wit, her music reflects the wisdom and worldliness of someone well beyond her years. And her catchy melodies will stick in your head long after the music stops.